The Night Circus

The Night Circus - Morgenstern has created a menagerie of enchantment embodied in an establishment of luxury and curiosity where indulgence is ordinary. The Night Circus is a mysterious anomaly, fragile and captivating. It links fantasy with reality, while also breaking the boundaries of possibility. After all, this is what we want magic to become, an irrational escape from a mundane existence. The circus, or concrete vehicle used to convey theme is nothing new and has been utilized by writers for years. This is mostly due to the richness of imagery a circus provides. It is universal and offers a setting that takes little effort to construct. The bones of the circus can branch in several directions, spanning mystery, horror, humor and fantasy. Readers drawn to imagery will be pulled into this alternative world. Where I found The Night Circus lacking, was in plot pacing. The competition trudges, little thrill occurs, and the chemistry between Celia and Marco is stagnant. Parts of the story dragged, which was disappointing because the opportunity for tension was very possible. Sadly, The Night Circus falls short on the grand scale love story claim as well. If you are looking for exciting twists and turns, you're not likely to find it here. Pretty, but predictable.