Darkness Becomes Her

Darkness Becomes Her - Kelly Keaton An original blend of urban fantasy, Greek Mythology and natural occurring events--not to mention freaks, geeks and misfits. In Darkness Becomes Her, the area of New Orleans is changed by a massive hurricane. We know this really happened, but Keaton gives it a twist. Also, there is an ambiguity about whether the characters (and reader) are living an alternative outcome to a hurricane like Katrina, or is this a future New Orleans. Either makes for an interesting premise and discussion about whether this story a is 'what if' or a 'what's to come.' Does coming up with an answer really matter? I would say, no, because of the running cyclic themes and connections in the story. There is this time meshing of past, present and future, a kind of string that threads from tragic history into possible future dystopia. What rises from it will soon be revealed. Based on the ending, I'm hoping the plan is to make this a series because Ari has a battle to win and from my calculations, 3 years to do it.