Every Day

Every Day - There is no doubt that the same voice who brought us Nick and Norah also birthed A and Rhiannon. There is definitely some type-casting occurring, but if you like this style of characterization, you'll be fine with the recycled traits. The main characters resemble the former in tone and style, accept this time there is body jumping. Now get your mind out of the gutter, not the hot and heavy teen slang body jumping - but the literal hopping in and out of a body every day. The concept grew on me as the book went along and by the end it earned another star because I liked the message. However, where the story slacked was in the area of Nathan and the Reverend. Nathan's interaction with A was flushed out a bit more, but I was disappointed that further attention wasn't given to the involvement of the Reverend. There was a chance to enhance the climatic elements and develop the story and mystery, but it was shoved aside to allow for repetitive mooning and swooning at the coffee shop. All in all, a good read, but I was slightly miffed that some opportunities to make it great were missed.