The Taker

The Taker - Alma Katsu I know what you’re probably thinking, not another vampire story about immortality and love! Once a fan of the vampire lore, I’ve come to loathe each new release because of the over and poorly done books flooding the market. However, I’m not completely jaded and I’m glad I gave Taker a chance to seduce me back into the underworld. The story alternates between past and present combining modern with historical fiction. A spin on immortality, or how it came about for these characters, adds a fresh twist that is interesting and captivating. Author Alma Katsu establishes her own style combining fairy tale lore with an Anne Rice like voice providing the story with an old school vamp feel that made me grin and turn page after lovely page. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not redundant or copied by any means, but if you prefer tradition with a turn, you’ll enjoy reading Taker.