Bloodspell - Amalie Howard I'm feeling a little like Switzerland when it comes to this book, neutral. I'm neither loving or disliking it. It's a middle of the road kind of read for me. Yep, totally sitting on the fence with this one and using as many cliche metaphors as possible. Perhaps, I'm getting numb to the redundancy of YA genre books, but as much as I want to say more -- there really isn't anything new to see here. As the synopsis states, you get an outcast girl who happens to be intriguingly beautiful (I know, this is so weird, right?) who discovers she has powers and attracts a forbidden handsome beau. It's fate, destiny or in this case prophecy. A little bit of Buffy meets Twilight with a snowboarding scene. I'm afraid nothing was heart-grabbing, eye-catching or thrilling, but also it wasn't terrible. This one just lingered in the realm of mediocracy the entire way through for me. Bloodspell is like a dish that will fill you up, but not be a memorable dining experience. You know, it's safe, like ordering the chicken breast with green beans when you really want the chipotle steak topped with refried black bean sauce and forbidden sour cream with a fat side slice of cornbread. Who's hungry?