Corktown: Abby Kane Thriller

Corktown - Ty Hutchinson This is a book for those readers who want a straight-up-no-nonsense suspense thriller with a cold female lead. Corktown is a classic detective-works-the-case plot line with no strange creative surprises. However, I tend to fall into the category of reader that wants the weird twists and desires more character development. Corktown invests very little into the characters, but rather uses them as pieces to move around the mystery board. By the end, I didn't care if any of them got hurt or killed. Really, you could plug in any name and it wouldn't matter much. I have a term for this style of book; I call them airplane reads. You can pick it up, read it and leave it. It does its job to entertain and hold interest, but so does an episode of CSI. The most disturbing part of this read was the love connection with the partner in the beginning. Ugh! It seriously was one of the worst forced attraction climaxing to a awkward love scene I've had to endure. It was mechanical and lacked chemistry. I would have preferred to have skipped it than be left with the image in my head. The book would have been much better if this whole disastrous attempt at adding tension was cut during editing. Even though I didn't care for the read, I still in all fairness gave it three stars because I believe the target audience will like the plot driven hunt for the obvious killer. What I did like? It was set in Detroit.