Commencement (Hellsbane, #0)

Commencement - Paige Cuccaro Commencement is a prequel novella starring the empathic character, Emma Jane Hellsbane. Releasing a prequel has its advantages and disadvantages. It's a great way to set up a series and also, for the reader, to get more than a synopsis to see if they'll like the storyline and writing style. However, on the other hand, it is shorter than the average book, this one being 50 pages, and some might feel a bit ripped on page length, but hey, it's free over at Amazon Kindle, so what do you have to lose? I prefer to think of it as a genius showcasing of an upcoming series. You get more than a back cover blurb to base your decision on. How awesome is that? I must also mention that Cuccaro provides the full meal deal with this gem. It truly is a compact story, as well as, a thorough buzz for the series. And yep, when I was finished, I went right to the Kindle Store to get the first book. Got me hook, line and sinker! Thankfully, there was no big cliff hanger that left me clinging by my fingernails, but rather an ending with an obvious continuation that begged for me to read more. I felt like I was just getting to know Emma and I can't wait to see what comes next!