Fortune's Fool

Fortune's Fool - Jane Sevier Fortune's Fool is a cozy mystery that reads as if it could easily be adapted to a play. The characters move around, interacting similar to a dinner theater scenario with a whodunit aura. The depth is shallow, but is a fun read for a rainy night. If you're looking for a light read to curl up with along with a cup of hot cocoa, this would be a great choice. It does start off a little slow and the repetitive dialogue of the main character, Nell, is distracting, but it picks up speed mid-way. A touch too fluff for my particular taste, especially, in the the psychic elements, as well as, the complexity of southern culture. Everything is touched on and accounted for, but it skims too much along the surface giving it an 'episode' feel rather than a series starter. There is a slight twist, but for the most part fairly predictable with little consequence to anyone, happy endings ensue, and a fizzle towards the end of prohibition. If I had to describe Fortune's Fool with a single word it'd be, quaint.