After Life

After Life - Rhian Ellis 3.5 starsAfter Life holds the promise of a mystery delving into the world of spiritualism. If you’re looking for a philosophical journey and deeply poignant read, this book will please. Set in a unique town where secrets are kept, insight into the future occurs, and regrets of the past lurk in an interesting tale about a girl lost, longing for what she believes before finding and facing her reality. Are her abilities and those around her truly psychic or just a highly developed sense of observation mix with chance prediction? The book opens with the death of Peter and travels backwards in order to move forward. What After Life lacks is the anticipation usually found in a mystery, death novel. I was longing for a twist. Although, the story is character driven, and rich in detail, the mystery is a little dry due to the amount of introspective examination by the narrator. What the book does well is thematically weave the belief of death, what the after life is, what it is to live and die and transcend on various levels. Without giving away the ending, I thought Naomi's awakening and life after her emotional death was clever and touching.