Love and Other Delusions

Love and Other Delusions - Larry Baker Something about the stylistic rhythm reminds me of a song with the soft beginnings, pounding beats, rising, building and ebbing slightly, while floating before the dramatic ending...or is it a soft fade out? Somewhere along the way I forgot I was reading fiction and slipped into a voyeuristic delusion. I was spying on these peoples lives, becoming absorbed and realizing just how possible something, which seems implausible, can be acceptable. Each character is faulted for their shortcomings, but created in such a manner that is humanizing, rather than victimizing, and by doing so, makes it that more tragic. Or is it? The story will make you think about relationships, the complexity and what we get from each one we maintain over a life-time. What are these people to us and even though we share moments, our memories and value will greatly vary. Love and Other Delusions is an enlightening read and perfect for a summer escape.