Chasing Amanda

Chasing Amanda - Melissa Foster After reading Chasing Amanda I had to ask Melissa Foster if she was a fan of any paranormal shows because the main character, Molly Tanner, and the tone of the overall story reminded me of the hit television show Medium. I've been tossing around whether to mention that or not because I don't want readers to think it is a spin off of sorts. Chasing Amanda definitely has it own original voice, characters, and plot. However, for me the comparison to Medium is a bonus and a compliment because I love these types of shows and books. The main character is persistent, but not overly confident and despite doubt from others, she embraces her intuition and connection to the universe. Whether this is spiritual or not, it's 'some thing' that can't be ignored. Also, the guilt of a previous inaction drives Molly Tanner, which makes her susceptible and well, human. A past misstep or what she may deem as a terrible mistake is the catalyst for her future determination. Lastly, I thought it was important that the female character ultimately trusts herself even when those closest to her waver. Often we tend to second-guess the person we should listen to the most, our self.Lately, I've noticed a trend in writing, redundancy. This may be a stylistic approach or develops from feedback received through beta readers and editors, but it is something I've noted in several 2011 releases. The reiteration of details can appeal to or annoy the reader. This is going to come down to personal preference. I like to think I'm a fairly astute reader, so I get edgy when details are repeated and events are over-thought and explained. In other words, you don't need to tell me the character took a step in order to move forward. I can figure that out. Although not overly obvious, and readers may appreciate the detailing in this particular story, I felt there was some redundant telling that I would have red-marked and cut out. Then again, some boobie book reviewer (like me) might type, 'wasn't really explained.' Ha, probably can't win on this one. Like I mentioned, it is a personal stylistic taste and by know means a huge deterrent.