The Eyes of the Dead

The Eyes of the Dead - G.R. Yeates 2.5 starsFor me, this book comes down to personal taste. For those who like J.A. Konrath and Jack Kilborn stories, you'll probably enjoy The Eyes of the Dead. It has a slasher horror feel with scene after scene of gruesome and descriptive details. The adjectives and metaphors keep on coming and had me floating somewhere between is this a dream, a hallucination or partial reality? I kept reading hoping by the end it would pull together (all the disjointed pieces) and I'd have my 'ah-ha' moment. The surrealism grabbed my attention, but the repetition of events or rather, circling began to frustrate me a little. Midway through Kitty and Mad appear, along with the hospital. This section felt more grounded and I would have liked the story to stay a bit more planted in place. Some more gravity would have (in my opinion) provided a center for the plot. I felt the balance between the abstract and concrete was lacking.