Demon Resurrection (Samantha Carver, #1) - Allison Karras Drowning in the Dark is a quick, easily read suitable for younger readers who hunger for zombie tales. The depiction isn't terribly horrifying so not likely to frighten YA audience. Runs in a similar vein as Buffy the Vampire Slayer stories, only the demons that need slaying are zombies, not blood sucking vampires. Outfitted in a purple raincoat (this is the Pacific Northwest after all), Sam battles the supernatural with the help of a baseball bat and a guardian angel. Being a previous resident of Portland and now a loyal Seattlite makes me biased to the setting of the story-I give it a thumbs up. There must be something about our dreary weather that attracts the supernatural. Thankfully, no malevolent being sparkles in this book. It stays true to the standards of zombies and graveyards that purists will appreciate.