Kidnapping the Lorax

Kidnapping the Lorax - Patricia K. Lichen The Secretary of the Interior aka The Lorax is kidnapped by environmentalists who hope to help her see the old growth woods of the Pacific Northwest, really see it and experience it so she can truly speak for the trees in Washington D.C. Each kidnapper has their own well-developed fundamentals, opinions and perspective making them sympathetic and well-intended citizens who are saddled with a stubborn politician who also becomes likable through both her intelligence and naivety. There is no ranting or preaching unless channeled through the voice of a character. This allows for the reader to view all sides of the environmental debate, with some religious perspective, political rational, and ultimately the complexity of the situation we all face as humans when managing the Earth. The weeks spent in the woods takes the reader along on a journey of understanding and own self-discovery. Kidnapping the Lorax will make you think about what is important and examine the different concerns of individuals -- whether it is family, a fern or the need for a Big Mac and fries. There is plenty of humor to lighten the thematic weight. Patricia Lichen takes a subject that is often portrayed as radical and makes it digestible. In addition, there are some reading group questions at the end of the book that I found intriguing. This would make a great read for a reading club, class or group discussion.