Clarity (Clarity Series #1)

Clarity - Kim Harrington ARC Amazon VineClarity is a paranormal Nancy Drew accompanied by a cast of Scooby Doo-like meddling kids. This just might be the book that gets teens on the younger side reading more. Clean and easy, the narrative sails along carried by a plucky main character and set against a New England backdrop. Although the synopsis promises lust and revenge, the context is fairly PJ. However, just because its a teen read don't think you'll have it all figured out early. Several twists and new information about the case is presented along the way and will have a reader changing their mind about who the killer really is. Also, Harrington masterfully ties up this mystery and doesn't leave the reader hanging, but a few things are left open, which leads to the belief this is just the beginning. The reader will be satisfied, and wanting more, namely when it comes to Gabriel and Justin. Clarity is perfectly executed with a delightful set up to a sequel. I have a feeling there is more in store for Miss Clarity Fern. Absolutely loved the cozy Cape Cod mystery and can't wait for the next book by this debut author.