Apostle Rising

Apostle Rising - Richard Godwin 2.5 starsIt was ok. If I was asked to recommend this book to a friend or family, I would describe it as an airplane book. Something a casual reader grabs to read on the plane because they stupidly forgot to charge their laptop. You know, the person who runs into the gift shop, stops at the first rack of books on display, flips over a few covers and then tosses it at the cashier. Hey, I've been there--and got burnt every time. Airports have a small selection that tends to lean toward bestseller crime/detective novels. Obviously, it is because they a. sell and b. are popular. As I was told recently, most have what the industry calls a winning formula. However, this formulaic novel fell very flat for me. The main character is a seasoned detective who failed on an old case and when the killer appears to resurface, he is determined to get it right this time. He has a drinking problem, whiskey, and a younger, sexier female partner with relationship problems. In my opinion, if you are going to use a 'winning' formula, then you have to develop the characters in a way that makes me care. Let's face it, why should I? I mean the fictional world is over-crowded with middle-aged white detectives with a drinking problem. As a reader, if you want me to invest in a journey to solve a problem then you must provide good company. After the fifth body, and a wandering pair of cut-outs I truly lost all interest. After a hundred pages I should be going somewhere, but I found myself wishing the serial killer would just off the detectives so we could all go home.