Perdido Street Station (New Crobuzon Series #1)

Perdido Street Station - China MiƩville I must wave my white flag in defeat! I admit I surrendered half way through Perdido Street Station. I got roughly 300 pages into the 600 page novel. I don't want my 2 stars to necessarily discourage readers from picking up this book. First, let me explain. Based on the Goodreads rating system, 2 stars means 'it's ok,' and for me it was. Did I like it, or find it enjoyable? Honestly, no really. In this case, I think it is, 'It's me, not you,' thing.Do I think the author is brilliant? Absolutely! There is no arguing this point, the man is a genius. His writing is poetic, descriptive, original while at the same time staying authentic to the roots of science fiction fantasy. It is an epic novel and will be discussed by literary circles for decades. Unfortunately, like many great award winning works it's simply not an entertaining, enjoyable read. Is it intellectual? Perhaps, too much so. My brain was in a virtual mind melt of information, technology, names, maps, structures, creatures, races and machines. Not to mention I'm not all that familiar with science fantasy steampunk features so I had to learn those too. This is not a book you can set down and come back to. The length is grueling, so the reader will at some point need to take a break. I found it easier to read only when I had large blocks of time. So, if you find yourself serving a prison sentence, or grounded for the summer, I recommend taking this along. Like other epic novels, it sometimes takes pages of re-reading to get back into the scene.I can't even begin to imagine what it took to create, edit and proof this book -- which was flawlessly done! It's incredible and frankly makes my head ache just thinking about it. So to the hardcore science fantasy intellectuals, I say you'll likely love it. For those new to the steampunk scene, you may want to wait on this one until you are more familiar with the genre.