The Spurned Viscountess

The Spurned Viscountess - Shelley Munro A classic regency romance with a strong female character and a stunningly likable male counterpart. Shelley creates a world where beauty masks ugliness and initial prejudices are pridefully wrong. The tale is packed with intrigue, scandal, plots and romance. The excitement builds through events and erupts in a heated confrontation that digresses beautifully as promised. Readers who enjoy Lauren Willig's Carnation series will certainly enjoy Shelley Munro's style and writing.Rosiland's defiance is a touch redundant, but she is a young, strong-willed bride so it fits with her character traits. A couple phrasings were modern and I wondered if the references were factual to the time period. Lastly, the reference or word choice used for the male member was crude in comparison to the other sweet and elegant sensitivity used to describe romantic coupling.