Drowned Sorrow

Drowned Sorrow - Vanessa  Morgan A thirst-quenching blend of sci-fiction with a twist of horror. The fear factor is accomplished not with blood and guts, but through what is not seen. Moonlight Creek provides the perfect setting to intrigue horror fans. It’s isolated, mysteriously vacant and strangely damp. Simple elements like air, water and fire are used to enhance the claustrophobic entrapment that makes this story a great rainy night read. It’s not often that a horror book can be recommended to young adult readers, but this one fits the bill. It’s not juvenile in any way, but brings the chills without gore, drugs or sexual violence. How, you ask? You’ve got to read it to find out. I’m still trying to figure out why a dog was written into the story. If anyone can tell me why, I’d really appreciate it. I have a few other unanswered questions, which leads me to believe either I missed something or the author did. A couple ends are obviously and neatly tied up, but others are left dangling.