Three Graves Full

Three Graves Full - Jamie  Mason 4.5 starsMost books don't live up to the cover claims or blurbs, but I must agree, if you're a fan of the Coen brothers' films, specifically, Fargo, you'll likely enjoy Jamie Mason's Three Graves Full. Murder, bullying, detectives and a strange tangle of ironic twists, will only enhance a person's belief in the sixth degrees of separation theory. Shrouded in dark humor, this mash up, smash up, bumbling slippery, slimy mess keeps rolling all the way to the very end. Each character is designed, revealed and made believable by the slight imperfections that are easily relatable. No one believes they could find themselves wrapped in such a cluster of bad luck, but Mason presents it in such a way that even the deadly mishaps coated with morbid humor are believable. Betting on human sympathy, Mason makes it hard to blame anyone specifically, and even though there are some clear-lined bad individuals, it's difficult to determine who is the master and the puppet. All actions have consequences and even the worst imaginable might just be justifiable. In the end, you'll be wondering if Jason Getty is just another poor sap that got what he deserved.