The Lost Saint (Dark Divine)

The Lost Saint - Bree Despain 3.5 StarsAfter the climax in book #1, Grace is faced with major changes, or at least should be. When this occurs to a character a reader has some expectation of growth or growing conflict. Despite what has happened to Grace, she continues for the first half of the book to 'just want to help' everyone, which is noble, but comes across as childish rhetoric. The naivety in book #1 is understandable, but by book #2 I wanted to see Grace mature and own her strength. Instead, she wandered around talking about wanting to help, bumbling like she'd did before and blaming. Frankly, the lack of character development across the board was disappointing. Daniel even fell by the way side and actually seemed to regress and at times disappear from the picture. So when he re-emerges as hero in the end I didn't get the same emotional reaction. Also, I'm not a big fan of inserting summary into book series. The retelling of events is fine for those who didn't bother to read book #1, but for those who did, it becomes a little annoying. I'm reading book 2 because I want a new story, not a recap of the first. Because of this, I almost tossed the book aside. At mid-point this goes away and book 2 begins. I'm glad I hung in there because the second half was better. However, it does not live up to or outdo book 1 and because of this, I was let down.