Tropic of Cancer

Tropic of Cancer - Henry Miller Miller brings another level of stylistic masterpiece to life. There are no obvious heroes, villains, but perhaps the anti-hero is born in these pages. There is also no real plot or formula, just Henry Miller wading through life's mundane mixed with sexuality and grit and doing it with ridiculous abandon. Miller's choice of words make a visceral impact, and as a critical reader I relish the unexpected combinations.The reader's experience would be enriched by some knowledge of the historical context of this book, the years between WWI and WWII. In this case, the role of educated ex-pats drifting around the war torn institutions of Europe as they try to find inspiration through poetry and art. The city is trying to make sense of what is to come next and this is done beautifully through the eyes of an American on his own personal exploration.In the end, Tropic of Cancer is an astonishing collection of words that will delight the eyes wide open crowd. It is for those unafraid to keep asking questions though they know no answers may be coming. You won't get the wrap up or classic happy ending and because of this, it might leave some readers feeling unsatisfied. For those who like the long road and contemplating after the last page is flipped, you will love this original tale and linger long after the journey of words has got you lost and then found.