Lola's Secret

Lola's Secret - Monica McInerney It's not often that I don't finish a book, but sadly Lola's Secret fell into this category for me. Here are a few reasons why I didn't push through to the end..* I am familiar with Monica McInerney's writing style - but based on synopsis, was willing to give her another try* Slow start due to multiple background depicts/set up of multiple characters mundane life details* Tedious, every day reality. A dull, daily life voyeurism.* Basically the same premise, different house* The boring side of the human conditioni read McInerney's At Home with the Templetons and had a similar experience. So why try another novel by the author? Well, I read the synopsis and thought perhaps I might like this book more than the previous one I read by the author. You never know, it could be and should be different, right? Why not give her a second try?However, this was much of the same. A slow start that involves multiple mundane details about a variety of characters and their daily life, which leads them to gathering at the same place, a B&B. Yes, this could be an interesting premise, but McInerney rather focus on less than intriguing details that bond people, rather than weave an interesting complexity. Sure, I can appreciate the true to life approach - but, it doesn't necessarily make for interesting or entertaining reading.I suppose this ultimately comes down to why the reader is reading a book in the first place. What do you wish to get out of it? For me, it's not simply to get a glimpse into another way of life (despite the details), but to find a connection and be entertained. Although, I could connect with the characters, their lives did not entertain in a way of escaping from my own ordinary life. Even though these people gather, not much happens beside introspective reflection and general analyzing of the human condition.Now, if you enjoy pondering the more mundane aspects of the human condition, you'll probably like McInerney's writing style and novel premise. It just doesn't appeal to me. I can appreciate it, but rather not invest too much of my reading time taking this journey. Since I already gave full attention to a previous novel by this author, once I saw this was more of the same (with different gathering characters), I determined to put it aside.