The Water Witch: A Novel

The Water Witch (Fairwick Chronicles #2) - Carol Goodman, Juliet Dark If you liked the first book in the series, The Demon Lover, you'll undoubtedly enjoy the second installation because it provides a seamless transition with well-woven re-capping details. The voice, flow and characters stay true to themselves. However, they don't necessarily grow that much, but Callie does figure out a few things before all is finished. I wish I could share a quote from the book as an example to theme, but since this is an advanced reader copy, I'm not allowed. As I got deeper and more involved in the chronicles, I began to notice complex thematic developments occurring. The English Lit. nerd in me gets excited when I can connect a modern hot topic or current event with something linked to a piece of literature I'm reading. Specifically, the idea of a group taking advantage of a crisis to push through an agenda. Persecution, rights, villainization and politics all play a role in the Fairwick Chronicles and can be discussed and compared to recent headlines. For example, we can all generally agree that no one pro violence, but at what length are we as a society willing to go to prevent it from happening? What limitation, persecution, villainization and boundaries are we willing to cross, close or commit? Most importantly, are certain groups, clubs, parties, institutions taking advantage to sway popular opinion? Also, similarly in the first book, sexuality is a prominent topic and although it can be graphic in nature, it does serve a purpose and connection adding to the thematic depth of the piece. As a reader, you can approach the inclusion either as entertainment, romance or as a literary commentary about sexuality, gender, love and social behavior. There is a definite conflict between the old and new values, and this can be analyzed and applied in various aspects throughout the novel. Given the sub-themes, The Water Witch poses some interesting perspectives that lean toward the literary and would make for a lively progressive book club or group discussion. Eagerly awaiting the third book because that last line was a whopper! My fingernails might pop off if I'm left hanging for too long.