The Demon Lover

The Demon Lover - Juliet Dark, Carol Goodman The Demon Lover is the equivalent of Harry Potter for adults. For those who grew up with a magical school, now there is a college with equal happenings plus the more adult passions that were missing from the younger audience pages. Fairwick is a supernatural campus that combines Gothic literature lore with contemporary romance making this paranormal fantasy believable and possible. There is just enough realism to ground it in the 'now,' but doesn't lack any of the otherworldly that provides a mythical escape and realm of possibilities. Let the imagination wander and flow with the mystic. The cast of Fairwick is made up of developed characters that bond the reader to the book and will encourage a commitment and desire to read the next novel in the chronicles, The Water Witch. There is a bit of over-kill on the use of "honeysuckle" both symbolically and it's assault on the senses, but in the end this didn't really bother me. Given that there is an incubus in the story line, you can expect racy scenes and seductive escapades. However, there is more to the plot, which separates this book from others in the strictly erotica category.