My Dead Friend Sarah

My Dead Friend Sarah: A Novel - Peter Rosch For the majority of the book I was thinking that perhaps Sarah was a figment of Max's imagination. I arrived at this during Sarah's talks with her therapist, Beth. Given the set up and alternating chapters it was plausible to think that perhaps this was all happening inside Max's drunk induced mind. However, that wasn't the only reason, and the more I read, the more I realized it was mostly due to the lack of change in 'voice' between characters that was giving me the impression that this was one character instead of multiple. For me, this is the only drawback of the story. The voice does not change and can be deceiving, especially when gender is involved. It seemed that each character was an aspect of Max's subconscious rather than a stand alone character. I did like the book, including the ending, which lead me to realize my initial thought was probably wrong. It didn't matter much that I was, and didn't leave me disappointed because by flattening perception, Rosch successfully projected Max's insecurities, guilt and images on the other characters. We saw them as he did, whether that was accurate or not. Thematically, I liked the use of sobriety providing muddled vision, much like trying to view the world through a smeared window verses drinking, which wiped it away giving clarity. The rationalization is astonishing and anyone familiar with addiction will undoubtedly relate to this concept.