The Mind Readers (The Mind Readers, #1)

The Mind Readers (The Mind Readers, #1) - Lori Brighton The Mind Readers falls on the younger side of the young adult sliding scale and would lean more towards the teen category. It's a clean read with sweet first kisses and young crushes. I would say, young love, but the love realized in this book comes too fast to be anything more than a crush even though the characters express it as much more. The problem with the story is the redundancy of observations, thoughts, descriptions, use of words by both the character and author. Repetition has its place when used correctly, but in this case it dumbs the text and suggests either the reader won't get it the first time, or that the author simply forgot they wrote it already. The use of 'gorgeous' is so over used that I stopped believing it. The setting is cliche and could work if the thematic depth were improved, but unfortunately it skims along making use of what has already been written many times. The final scenes (which are repetitive) are awkward in nature and left me wondering if the strange interruption was to lengthen the book because suspense wasn't really added. The text was too immature to earn a higher rating. Writing for a younger audience can be tricky, but an author should never underestimate the reader's ability to digest depth. Too candy coated and cliche for this reader, but others might find it entertaining.