Monarch - Michelle D. Argyle Monarch is a tale about two families thrown together by history and current circumstance. Both sides evolve and in the end, metamorphosis into something new. Although designed around a suspense/thriller premise, this story lingers more on the emotional, sentimental aspects of relationships, family, divorce and career. The story does not belong to a main character, but rather is shared equally by several and by doing so, a distinct voice speaks for all. This approach works in the overall telling of the story, but doesn't lend to give depth and personality to individual characters. Reactions to events were similar as far as emotional response, which left me wondering if this were a collective consciousness or wishful thinking driving the plot toward a happier ending. Because of this, some interactions did not seem genuine or natural. If you are looking for a softer side of suspense with a dash of chick lit sentimentality, you'll enjoy Monarch.