Dreams Unleashed (The Prophecies, #1)

Dreams Unleashed (The Prophecies, #1) - Linda Hawley 3.5 StarsFor those who like suspense thrillers that alternate between past, present and future, you'll likely enjoy the format of Dreams Unleashed. The presentation provides the dream-like sensation of being somewhere else before 'waking' up. There are brief moments of confusion and wondering what is real, what is now and where am I? Much like a dream it’s difficult for the rational mind to reconcile these two perceptions, yet they exist. This story has a strong female character, Ann Torgeson, that lives from one perspective an ordinary life, but as things progress the extraordinary pushes to the forefront and complicates the plot. Ann Torgeson's only annoying weakness is the repeated mentioning, or perhaps noting that every male character is attracted to her. I had no idea a self-described granola type woman held so much sexual magnetism? I thought this did Ann’s character a disservice because it provided her with a conceit that I didn't imagine she'd possess and it felt awkward. Dreams Unleashed is a trilogy, which means a lot of set-up and information is given in the first story. Keep that in mind as you digest the scenes and tuck away all the clues that might help you find your way out of this mystery. I found the GOG fascinating, the conspiracy theory relevant, but stumbled on Ann Torgeson's admission to the CIA at eighteen and without a college education. Later, a mitigating circumstance is revealed that explains this but I wish it would have come sooner because my believability radar went on the defense.