My Life, The Theatre and other Tragedies

My Life, the Theater, and Other Tragedies - Allen Zadoff Many Glee fans will likely see this book in the spotlight at various Gleerific sites and wonder if they'll like the book? My life, the Theater and Other Tragedies is a sweet teen book with some angst moments, but for the most part is aimed at the younger teen audience. Heavy topics are lightened and although various deeper thematic plays, schemes and issues are present, none are weighty. The book is episodic in nature, perhaps a little predictable, but otherwise entertaining. Verses some other young adult/teen reads, this is definitely playing in the kiddy pool. The shallow end is fine if that is what you're looking for and if you're choosing a read for a pre or young teen, this is a safe PG bet. Simply put, I liked it. It's a quick read and holds attention, but did not leave a lasting impression or tug terribly at my heartstrings. However, I think the opportunity was there to delve a bit deeper, but was a touch restrained. However, given the target audience, this is probably an appropriate choice but as I mentioned earlier, older readers might wish to ditch the water wings.