Half-Inch - McCarty Griffin 4.5 StarsAuthor McCarty Griffin gives an authentic voice to main character, Pammy, a woman conflicted about killing her abusive ex-husband. This is more than a tale about a woman wronged. Half-inch is a short work exploring the complexity behind feeling trapped and setting yourself free. It examines what it means to be caged by another person's actions and also by our own. It is debatable and worth discussing if Pammy's solution brings her any true freedom or peace -- or does she simply transfer from one inescapable circumstance into another? Every action and decision has a consequence. Do we make choices based on what is best, or what is less worse? Do we only think in terms of what is tolerable verses intolerable? Sometimes morality is separated by a half-inch and it is the unforeseeable that exists in this space that determines the direction our future takes.