Michael Jordan and the Slam Dunk Suicide Cult

Michael Jordan and the Slam Dunk Suicide Cult - Nick Vandermolen,  Mac White,  Rick Boven This is by far one of the more interesting, daring and agreeably pointed commentaries on sport cultural and children. Thematically, it is solid and drives to the hole the 3-points: exploiting race, perception and sports (sport figures) as a religion. This will spark all kinds of discourse, but cannot deny the honest examination of the seedy underbelly of false hopes and racial worth. To refuse the impact of influence is as naive as ignoring it. Fantastically constructed dialogue shapes each character instantly, and charges the text with an abrasiveness that, unless you have no pulse, will inspire some type of emotional response. This is a wonderful example of an absurdist short -- not just because it is silly. It does contain comical elements that will likely piss you off while making you laugh hysterically. It tightly shoves the human condition into words that simply can't be ignored. MJ and the Slam Dunk Suicide Cult embraces the desire to write freely and to allow controversy to fall where it may.