The Twisted Thread

The Twisted Thread - Charlotte Bacon 2.5 StarsThe Twisted Thread offers promising snippets for a murder mystery wrought with scandal but fails to serve up the excitement and suspense that most readers seek from the genre. Barrages of characters are introduced in the beginning and keep on coming. Details are given in a redundant fashion, which only adds to the confusion of mentally managing characters. Each character comes with a background and appears to have equal weight and importance, which can be a unique writing structure, but in this case had me wondering whose story was it anyways? There is supposed to be a shift in voice when a different character’s (perspective) is given, but I did not ‘hear’ enough deflection in tone to buy it. I was not convinced that any person besides the narrator (author) was telling or recanting the story. Although, there are sympathetic hints and moments, I’m afraid my opinion about the characters that formed during the initial introduction did not change by the end. The stereotypical description was obvious and over-played and because of this, I found the story slow and blasé.