The Summoner (Dominic Grey, #1)

The Summoner (Dominic Grey, #1) - Layton Green Gems: It is impossible to turn away from the rituals of the cult and the depravity of its followers. Hidden away in the darkness is something worse than most people have ever imagined. Zimbabwe is mysterious, but grows even more so as the practices, fears and superstitions toy with Western thinking. For those who love plot-driven suspense thrillers, The Summoner will not disappoint. Good and evil are in continual struggle and it seems everyone has a motive to do both. The squeamish will squirm and the unflinching might twitch. It appears lead character Dominic Grey isn’t going away either – he’s only getting started.Flaws: As I mentioned above, this is a plot-driven story and for those readers who like this approach, they will be happy with The Summoner. However, when it comes to character development, the story slips. Character details are often described rather than revealed, which left a formulaic bitter after taste in my mouth. By doing so, I never felt attached or truly invested in the characters. Even when in danger or during horrific acts, I really did not feel overly concerned about whether they lived or died. Will I follow Dominic Grey to Prague? I’m not sure, it all depends if I get a deal on airfare.