The Mysterious Lady Law (The Steam Clock Legacy)

The Mysterious Lady Law - Robert Appleton A light and easy whodunnit read combining steampunk, Victorian setting, a sprinkle of science fiction with the heart of a Sherlock Holmes mystery. Since it is available in ebook format, I'm not certain of the page count, but it is not terribly lengthy and a reader can whiz through the adventure. Might be the perfect companion while traveling to pass the time. It will hold your interest without giving you an involved head throb. It reads like a television episode and can be satisfied rather quickly. There is a clear beginning where the problem is presented, the chase or investigation and then conclusion. If you enjoy this type of formula, you'll likely find The Mysterious Lady Law a pleasant cozy, steampunk light mystery. I liked it. I wasn't greatly moved, but then again, I also wasn't put off.A touch formulaic for my particular taste. Some awkward dialogue and phrasing had me questioning if this was truly taking place in Victorian England. At times, the interaction, language, behaviors of characters had a more roaring 1920's feel than Victorian. Felt like an attempt to jump on the steampunk popularity crazy and was produced quickly in a true and tested plot formula that produced a solid story, but was not deeply original or overwhelmingly intriguing. In addition, there were some strange interactions that weren't explained and introductions that never became relevant leaving me wondering what the point of including the detail was in the first place. Perhaps, it was an attempt to throw the reader off the whodunnit part, but that developed quickly and became obvious.