Asylum Lake

Asylum Lake - R.A. Evans In the spirit of full disclosure, I must confess I was originally drawn to this book for two reasons: it is set in Michigan, the place where I born and grew up and it's horror. Little did I know, I'd discover another connection, that to Seattle, where I now reside. If this wasn't enough to give me a shiver, the story of Asylum Lake certainly was! Beware, you might not want to read right before turning off the lights and going to bed. Too scary? Not for me! This is exactly the kind of mysterious paranormal horror I love to read. The characters attract tragedy and death. At first, they seem like a very unfortunate lineage, but as this mysterious thriller unfolds you will be enlightened to the purpose behind the events. For those from the 'mitt' you will like the authentic setting and subtle humor. I had to chuckle at the Up North House. Any true Michigander goes up north for vacation because south would lead to Chicago. I can not think of a better setting for this tale to take place than on a secluded lake in northern Michigan, whether it is on a hot, muggy summer night or a cool, breezy fall day, viewing an abandoned state asylum would be enough to scare even the toughest Mid-Westerner. Another interesting aspect, and I'm certain this is the case with many small towns, is our fascination with old crime stories. I appreciate how influential cases are sited by the author (whether they are real or not) and work to draw a connection from past to present. This grounds the paranormal making it believable, which in my opinion is a key element to escalating the horror level. Getting a reader to imagine that an event truly could or did happen is essential. Old crimes and cases don't die in places like Bedlam Falls. One thing you can count on is people will certainly remember what happened but might forget the details. By making use of this human tendency, Evans creates a creepy mystery. Circumstances similar to the one surrounding the characters of Asylum Lake become legends in towns like Bedlam. Stories permanently attach to the land, they seep in and hibernate until the next thaw. Brady brings the thaw, but why and how? Well, I'm not going to give that away! I can't wait to read the next book and learn more about what happened to Lionel and Dr. Clovis!