The Wedding Gift

The Wedding Gift - Kathleen McKenna Absolutely outstanding read. Perfect for October. Specific review and thoughts to follow.A downright spine chilling murderous mystery with perfect dark comedic relief that will have the reader laughing out loud at times, and scared at others. I fell in love with the heroines and will miss their bumbles and bravery. This is one story that I hope never gets in the hands of an editor with little creative imagination because the voice and tone is so real and consistent that any changes would destroy the overall feel. I plowed through this book in 24 hours because I simply didn't want to put it down. It's got it all for a Fall read and I highly recommend this gem be added to a MUST read list. A perfect southern ghost story with humorous appeal! Go buy it now!The synopsis I found online does not do the contents justice. I like that it does not give away the goodie bits, but I worry that more readers might not be captivated by the blurb. And, this is truly one captivating and worth every penny kind of read!