Love and Scandal

Love and Scandal - Donna Lea Simpson Gems: Anyone who loves Austen novels with fall in love with Love & Scandal. A period time classic filled with all the goods that make women swoon. I adored the male lead character and was enchanted by Collette. She possessed all the strong attributes I want in a female character: intelligence, independence, wit and sexuality. She was soft when necessary and stubborn when needed. I was drawn into the story and longed to linger in London, forever. Perhaps, I am a sucker for these guilty pleasures, but if I have to get lost, I want it to be in this type of novel. Simpson simply entertained me and I will be back for more of her seductive talent.Flaws: Jane Austen's romances were criticized for being prudish and lacking sexuality. This can not be said about Love & Scandal. The passionate scenes were a touch too descriptive given the era. I pondered this for a time wavering back and forth on my opinion. I understood what the author was doing and it did fit with the themes, but it still was problematic for me. I enjoyed the unique approach, but wished that more was left to my imagination when it came to the bedroom. Despite the detailed exchange of bodily fluids, I was thinking 5 stars all the way until the ending. Most will find it perfectly fine and even hopeful, but I was disappointed that not more suspense occurred or at least a greater struggle. I love a happy ending, but this was just too 'kiss and make up' for me.