Map of Moments: A Novel of the Hidden Cities

Map of Moments: A Novel of the Hidden Cities - Christopher Golden,  Tim Lebbon The Map of Moments is a beautifully rendered journey through the city of New Orleans. The storytelling captures the mystery of the city, as well as provides a unique historical perspective. The main character returns to New Orleans to attend a funeral post-Katrina. The aftermath of the 'bitch,' as Katrina is called, is chilling but the spirit is enduring. The reader must trust in the magic of the city in order to believe the adventure that occurs to the main character. Through a series of moments, the life of New Orleans is revealed. History and magic are intertwined and the past is a hue, rather than a defined black or white. The language, flow and descriptions opened my eyes and I was able to feel like I was transporting back and forth in time. Even though the story borders on fantasy and paranormal, the author keeps the tale grounded in concrete reality by connecting the impossible with actual events. It is fantastical, but given the unique setting, very believable. And, like the main character, I wanted to believe. The tiniest thing caused a slight distraction. It came down to money. The main character is a teacher/professor. During his visit to New Orleans he is shelling out a lot of cash and tipping generously from place to place. It wouldn't have mattered if the amount wasn't mentioned every time he paid. I couldn't help but start doing the mental math and wondering how a teacher could afford it. This could be rectified by simply stating that Max paid the bill etc. It was a distracting detail and I couldn't figure out why it was necessary or important. Secondly, the last line/paragraph was rather lame. I hate the type of implied 'dream' inferences that were used on the last page. I don't want to say more, because it might spoil. It doesn't change the outcome or overall enjoyment of the story, but it was a bit weak.