The Stupidest Angel: A Heartwarming Tale of Christmas Terror, Version 2.0

The Stupidest Angel: A Heartwarming Tale of Christmas Terror - Christopher Moore A laugh-out-loud ridiculous Christmas story that showcases a small town during the holiday season. The characters flaws are over the top and each has a distinct delivery of expressing holiday joy. The comedic timing is wonderful and refreshing, as well as, easy to follow. If you enjoy sarcastic humor topped with a harmless zest of spite cooked in a fun story, than you will quickly become a fan of Christopher Moore.This is not a literary work (traditionally speaking). The story is a story told merely for entertainment purposes. It's bathroom humor at best and the reckless and absurd events skate along on the surface. Although I enjoyed the sarcasm and comedic dialogue, I teetered back and forth as to whether it was 'too much.' At times, I felt like I wanted less humor and more story to make my reading and time worth while. And... since this did not happen, it was more like reading one long ridiculous joke with no real punch line or hilarious moral. It left me thinking, 'that was cute and funny, but so what?' I was just as detached to the characters and the town as I was on the first page.Although the style of writing is unique, the common stereotype of small town mentality is not. Every character is a fuddling idiot, even those who are suppose to have degrees, which puts them all in the same category -- a big group of socially stunted and mostly twisted anti-heros. The only person given a hint of brains is the narrator. This is fine, but nothing really changes as a result, no epiphany is ever revealed or even hinted at, which leaves all the ridiculousness, just that, a silly, hilarious story that ends like a bad night out and fizzles.