Darling Jim: A Novel

Darling Jim - Christian Moerk Pros: A dark tale told successfully from a feminine point of view by a male author. It is a story within a story within a story. The perspective does change, but the author makes transitions easy to follow and does it seamlessly without creating any disjointed jolt in time. It held my interest all the way through and I thought all the characters were fully developed and engaging. Cons: Although this was a story within a story within a story, I would have liked the main tale to remain the forward focus. It needed to carry the weight and continue to capture the audience. The supporting stories provided details, but at times became a bit too lengthy. Towards the end, the story began taking on a fantasy form using fairy tale descriptions of wizards and princes, which created a fairy tale like theme and could have worked if the author remained more concrete with his details. I think this approach was done to create a 'mysterious' atmosphere but because it did not remained 'grounded' it took away from the actual horror of the story by making it too unbelievable and I began to lose some of the sympathy I originally felt for the sister characters.